Posed and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions:

You will probably have most of everything you need already on hand at home. For in-home sessions, it is still nice to have everything put together for your session. 

If your session is outside of your house, pack everything up! 

- Diapers

- Pacifiers

- Spit rag 

- Wipes

- Everything needed for feedings: bottles, boobs, formula, milk, or anything needed to make your baby comfortable for breast feeding

- Entertainment for older kids

- Props and Accessories

- Sentimental items

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

To-do the day of your session: 

 - Dress your baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid imprints before the photo session. Make sure the clothes can easily to taken off.

- Feed your baby before the session. This will help bring on a milk drunk slumber.

- Try to keep your newborn up 1-2 hours before the session.