What to do now that you’ve booked your photo session:

1. Discuss location with me.

Tell me what you're looking for in the session.

I specialize in field and forest photography. Want to go to a creek? We can do that too. I am also not opposed to a hike before the session.

2. Plan your outfit, now offering outfit stylization.

Click here to learn more.

Make sure you have your outfits planned out and ready to go.

Keep shipping time in mind when ordering online.

Adjust outfits for weather. Plan sweaters/jackets/or scarfs for chilly weather.

3. If you have something special you want to do for your session, let me know!

This could be a particular photo you interested in getting or a proposal. Definitely let me know if there’s going to be a proposal. 

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

The day before your photo session:

1. Lay out your outfit(s) and all accessories.

It’s really important to make sure you have everything that is necessary before your session.

You don’t want to be trying to run out the door when you realize you forgot something.

Remove any wrinkles from your outfits.

Pack your outfit(s) and accessories or have them out and ready to wear for your session.

2. Paint nails or have nails professionally done, if applicable.

3. Plan your route to the session.

Arrive early- I cannot guarantee a full session if you arrive late.

4. Prepare snacks for the kids. Gummi bears, gold fish... something easy to eat on the go.

The day of your photo session:

1. Do makeup an hour before you leave.

Makeup stays *fresh* for two hours.

2. Apply sunscreen and bug spray

We will be out in nature! If you burn easily, wear sunscreen.

Spray sunscreen can produce less sweat than lotion during a hot day.

And I don't want to be responsible for chigger bitten ankles. Wear some sort of bug protection.

3. If you are concerned about wrinkles, bring your outfit with you.

I have a pop-up tent that you can get dressed in.

4. Grab all outfit(s), accessories, and snacks. GO!

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Here’s a list of helpful things to bring to the photo session:

Untitled photo

Things to bring:


- Snacks for the kids

- Extra outfits (especially for toddlers)


- Sweat towels. Yep. Seems weird. It’ll be nice.

- Water

-Sunscreen and bug spray

- Jackets if it’s chilly. Even if they won’t be in the photos, they can still be nice to warm up with.