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Hey! Welcome to Brittany Rose Photography, I'm Brittany.

I love photographing un-posed family photos and posed newborn photos. What is all this posed nonsense? During family sessions, I give prompts or actions so all family members are doing something weird, funny, or maybe even normal. It helps create organic, natural feeling “poses” - and usually a lot of laughing.

I have been photographing for over 10 years. I used to be the “look at the camera and smile” type of photographer. But looking at your family members and getting natural laughs looks way better than a forced smile. I’m sure your kids will think so too. But they can still get bribes afterwards!

Newborn photos are the exact opposite. I spend a ridiculous amount of time to move newborns to show off those chubby cheeks. Ahh, so adorable!

To top it all off, every image will showcase a depth of shadows with bright, cheery colors. Images are edited to make the perfect canvas print for your walls. So, let’s have a great time and go frolic in a field!

Located in Defiance, MO

Servicing the St. Charles area

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