Klondike Park- Augusta, Missouri

Address: 4600 Highway 94 S. Augusta, MO 63332

Hours: 7am- half hour after sunset

If you're doing a basic session, choose one location. If you're doing a standard session let's go to both! 

Location 1- Klondike Park

Short loop around a lake

White sand surrounding a clear, blue lake, bluffs, exposed rock, and evergreen trees- quite a different experience in the middle of Missouri. 

All videos/photos were taken at sunset in the Spring. 

Exposed dark rock creeping out from the white sand. 

Evergreen trees breaking up the rocky landscape. 

Perfect spot for a tiny (and still legal) bit of rock climbing


Boulders with a lakeside view of the bluffs. 

White sand meets lake makes it feel like you're at the beach. 

The only drawback about location 1? It's popular. This area is often crowded with other photographers. But there are so many spots to go within this location that it's not a problem.  We may not be able to utilize all the space because of this. 

If you are doing a basic (half-hour) session, I would suggest location 2 for that reason. 

Location 2- Klondike Park

Short loop trail- entrance of trail may be muddy

Field surrounded by white, towering bluffs. Some areas of white sand and exposed bedrock poking out. sounds of wetland echoing loudly. 

All videos/pictures taken at sunset in the Spring. 

Check out this sunlight spilling onto the bluffs! 

This location loses light quickly. I would suggest starting the photo session 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes before the sunset. That way we can catch the sun before it hides behind the hills. If your are doing a standard (1 hour) session, we can head to location 2 afterwards and catch the remaining sunset. 

Morning sessions may start off before the sun reaches over the hills,. But the park doesn't open until 7am and the sun is up and active at that time for most of the year. 

Remember the park doesn't open until 7am. True sunrise sessions, where we arrive when it's still dark, wouldn't be feasible unless the session is mid-October to the first week of November or mid-December- to mid-January. Daylight savings changes sunrise time in November. 

But seriously, did you look at this sun turning that field into a golden treasure?

Even after the sun dips behind the hills (similar to cloudy day lighting), this location still boasts its dreamy fields and white bluffs.