Frequently Asked Questions

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How have photo sessions changed with COVID-19?

Photo sessions may be inside or outside. If you would like to request that I wear a mask and stay 6 feet away, please do so! 

Brittany Rose Photography will follow orders prohibiting any operations and session will be rescheduled when the orders are lifted.

I ask that you please reschedule you photo session if you and any members involved in the photo session have had symptoms in the last 14 days.

Fall Family Portrait

What will the photo session be like?

I want the session to feel as natural as possible! To help make that a possibility, I will give you prompts throughout the session. Some of them will be goofy and are designed to make you laugh, for example. Sometimes I get so distracted by how great it’s looking behind the camera and I forget to give more prompts. That’s why I will give a speech at the beginning of the session to tell you how to fill that time when I am distracted by the beauty.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I require a $100 non-refundable retainer to reserve your photo session date and time. Non-refundable retainers are collected on the scheduling website when you make your appointment. The final payment is made on the day of the photo session. Cash, check, PayPal invoice, or card payment is acceptable for the final payment. 

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Your photo sessions come with a certain amount of images, what does that mean?

This is the number of photos included in the session. After the session, I will send you a proof album with the unedited or lightly edited images. You can favorite the photos you want. I will finish editing those photos and upload them to your online gallery. Of course, if you would like more images, you can get more images! Additional images are $20 each. There's also an option to purchase the entire proof album. Prices are listed in the terms and conditions when you book your session. I love that you get to pick out your own photos! It’s a lot of work to go through the proof album and make sure every single one is in focus and will make a perfect edited image, but it’s so worth it. You get to pick out exactly the ones you want; the cutest face your kid is making, your better side, and the precious moments between you and your sweetheart.

Can I get more photos than the allotted amount for each session?

Yes! Additional photos are $20 each. There are also packages you can purchase in addition to the images included in your session. You can decide if you want additional photos when you receive the proof album.

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What is the “online gallery” mentioned under your photo sessions?

The online gallery is your collection of the images. It's a great way to share your images with friends and family. Images can be downloaded from the gallery for web postings, 4x6, and 5x7 prints. Prints, canvases, and other merchandise of your images from your online gallery.

What is the downloadable gallery? 

You can download the images from your online gallery to your computer. These images have a resolution perfect for web postings and prints up to 5x7. 

Prints as small as wallet size all the way up to large wall hangings as well as cute keepsakes and postcards are available for purchase in your online gallery. 


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Where should we go for the photo session?

If you have a place in mind, then let’s go there! If not, we can discuss what you are looking for in a photo session (field, forest, old building, etc.) and I can suggest a few locations near you.

What if there is rain?

If it is supposed to be rainy, we will reschedule the session. Your retainer fee transfers to the new date. Reschedules are usually discussed the day before and of course if rain pops up just before the session. If ya want to be adventurous, we can do a rainy session!

Where can I change outfits?

I bring a changing tent to photo sessions so you can change in private in the middle of a park! 

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What items should I bring to the photo shoot?

Bringing a blanket that matches your outfits and one that you don’t mind on the ground is perfect. If there will be kids in the session, sometimes bringing a toy to keep them distracted or a bribe snack is a good idea too. Other than that, yourselves! After you have booked your portrait session, I will e-mail you a stylizing guide to help you pick out your outfit. After you have booked a newborn session, I will e-mail you an information sheet on everything you will need to bring. Please let me know of any props or outfits you would like to bring for your newborn session.

Can I share my photos?

Absolutely!  Feel free to share the link with friends or family. Or you can download the images for social media sharing.

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Will I have printing rights?

Your downloadable album will have a resolution for prints up to 5x7. Your online gallery is where you can purchase larger prints, canvases, mounted images, and keepsakes.              You may not sell your images for profit or publish them without written consent of Brittany Rose Photography.

Where can I print my photos?

Brittany Rose Photography only guarantees photo quality from prints purchased from your online gallery. However, you can download the images and print them at any location you would like for 4x6 and 5x7 prints. If you are printing your images other than from the gallery, ask me for suggestions.

When will I get the photos back?

You can expect mini sessions to be returned in 3  days. For all other sessions, it takes 2 weeks for the finished product. It may take 3 weeks during the busy season of Fall. If editing time will be longer, I will let you know. Keep in mind that this is after you have picked out your photos from the proof album.

Family Sessions

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What photos are done for family photos?

We will get photos of the whole family, just the kids, individual photos of the kids, and mom/dad with the kids- all time permitting. When you book your session, tell me what groupings are most important to you. 

What's up with the 5 family member limit? 

If you have more than 5 family members, it's $25 per additional person. This is because it is more work to pose more people. 

What if my kids take a long time to warm up in front of the camera?

It can be weird for kids when some strange girl is bossing them around. Don’t worry! Even the photos of you squeezing your child’s face to get them to smile can be cute. Most of the photos of your family will be all of your interacting with each other anyway. I try to take the pressure of “look at the camera and smile” away from the session. Also, bribes can work well with kids!

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What is my significant other takes a long time to warm up in front of the camera?

Tickling works well? No, I’m joking! I’ll have your significant other interacting with you/your family so it takes some of the pressure off of the photo session.

Maternity Sessions

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How far along should I be for my maternity session? 

The perfect time to schedule your maternity session is when you are 32-36 weeks. Some women prefer earlier because they are afraid they will be too big (like, girl what?). You can also do a maternity session days before you give birth if you're into that. 

Can my hubby and kids be in the maternity session? 

Yes! Please! Let's get family photos and individual photos of you! 

Due Date Place Holder

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What is a Due Date Placeholder? 

With the Due Date Placeholder, you can enter your expected birth date into my scheduler and pay the retainer. Of course we don't know the exact date your precious bundle will arrive, but this gives me a heads up that you'll be due around that time. 

When you have your baby, email me and I will send you a coupon for the retainer you paid and a link to my scheduler. 

Below is information on the types of newborn sessions you can schedule: Pose Newborn and Lifestyle. 

Posed Session

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What is the difference between the posed newborn and the lifestyle photo session?

The posed newborn session is focused on your newborn and the usage of props-- usually while your newborn is sleeping. This session is usually done when your newborn is 10-14 days old. The earlier these photos are done, the better. Getting sleeping poses become more difficult after the baby is two weeks old. This session is 2-3 hours long because it can take a very long time to pose the babies. Family photos can also be included, but the main focus is on your newborn. I will provide some wraps, blankets, and baskets. If you would like to include your own memorabilia, please let me know beforehand.

Life Style Session

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Lifestyle sessions focus on your newborn with the entire family and/or individuals in your family. These photos capture the enjoy of bringing your newborn home. This session can be done when you first bring your newborn home up until they are a month old.

Why do you only have certain hours of the day available for photo sessions?

I photograph during the  blue hours of the day, the first and last  hours of sunlight. My scheduling page reflects these times.

If there is an overcast expected for our session time or the location is shaded, the session should be moved back an hour for sunrise sessions and up an hour for sunset sessions. If the session time needs to be moved, this will be discussed the day before. 

If you would like to schedule a session outside of those times listed, please contact me at